Landfill Safety

Attention all Landfill Users:

The safety of the public and the site operating personnel is of prime importance at all times.


narrow roads
sharp shoulders
vehicle traffic
uneven surfaces

exposed wastes
soft ground, and
blowing debris

Safety Rules

By the very nature of its business, a landfill can be a very busy place with continual movement of various types of vehicles. To protect the safety of site users the following basic rules shall apply:

Safety Rules

Children, pets, and individuals not unloading waste must remain in vehicles;
Only adults are allowed to unload vehicles in areas as directed by site operators;
Wastes shall be unloaded to the rear of vehicles and not strewn about;
Users must leave unloading area immediately upon unloading of vehicles

Smoking at the unloading area is not allowed, the site is non-smoking in all areas past the office.

Scavenging in any area of the facility is strictly prohibited.